Ronda Williams


The Dog Control officer is responsible for enforcing Dog Control and Dog Licensing Laws to maintain the control of dogs within the town. This is a town board yearly hire position that is classified exempt under civil service law.
Responsibilities: 1. Responds to dog complaints 2. Impounds stray and/or unlicensed dogs 3. Issues tickets for dogs running at large 4. Issues tickets for unlicensed dogs 5. Issues tickets for unlicensed dogs per town clerk's delinquent dog report 6. Enforces quarantine laws applicable to dogs 7. Investigates animal cruelty/mistreatment cases and reports to law enforcement 8. Protects the health, safety and well-being of persons in dealing with dogs 9. Advises the town board on required contract with shelter for seized dogs 10. Assists with dog census in obtaining physical count of all dogs in the town 11. Keeps accurate records of dogs impounded, sold or destroyed
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